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Affordable Video Production Services

Max Web Profiling offers affordable and complete video production and communications services and specializes in digital film for the web. Video is widely used in today's web design and is one of the most powerful tools of visual communication. It is the technology of recording, processing, storing and transmitting a sequence of still images representing scenes in motion. Max Web Profiling offers video that can be recorded, transmitted and stored in various physical media and their quality matched even the large video production companies. Creative and professional videos take a prominent position in web design and video is a great way to create a dynamic website that attracts and keeps customers coming back.


Our Videographer

Our associate Edward Griego has been a videographer and producer for over 20 years, where he has succeeded in creating video messages that tell your story using a conscious approach to pre-production, production, and delivery. Over the last 26 years, Ed have been blessed with many opportunites to work on and produce hundreds of ads for television, documentary films, and TV programs for broadcast, as well as co-produced educational projects for DVD.

Ed actually loves his work and each and every project is still exciting to him. Whether he writes scripts, sets up shots, produces video, or edits, he really enjoys every aspect of digital film production. Our goal is to make every second of audio and video we produce as good as it can be, no matter the budget.

To see more of Ed's work you can visit his website:
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Ed Griego

Ed Griego, Videographer and Video Producer