Honest Photography at Affordable Prices

Most people don't realize it, but images can make or break a website. Websites are first and foremost a visual representation of your business and overall brand. Having low-quality images or poorly taken photographs on your website can ruin the first impressions of your new viewers. Even worse, many users will straight up leave your site if you don't have respectable imagery to accompany it!

Here are the reasons why it's important to have quality photography for websites:

Credibility: The moment you put up an image that is pixelated, stretched out, badly lit, too small, and/or any of the other low-quality image giveaways, you immediately lose credibility. These common pitfalls can stem from a number of issues, the most common being using images that were taken with phones or other lower quality cameras, using bad photos or digging up old images that simply don't translate to online use well. High-quality imagery and videos are now the norm, and people expect credible companies and organizations to follow suit. It's a visual game and it is up to you to provide your users with the best experience possible.

Customization: When getting professional photography for websites you have the ability to choose exactly what gets taken and how the end product will look. You have complete customization. This is something that can't be achieved when you only use stock photos in your website design.

Honesty: When you use photos of your business, your products or your services, it is very important that your photography not only is high quality but also shows a realistic depiction of what you are offering. Using stock photos or digitally enhanced photos (HDR) of your offerings will leave the customer feeling cheated when they see the actual product and it does not live up to the photo. By using realistic, but high quality photos you will automatically pre-qualify your customer.

Our fantastic photographer Suzanne, who also runs Pixel Perfect Plus will make sure that you get the best result for your visual content.

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